Frequently Asked Questions

How does Locke Pocket work?

Locke Pocket is a client side interface that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain through MetaMask and serves to allow users to track, send, and receive their Locke.

How can I check the progress of an ongoing transaction?

The progress of a transaction can be tracked on Etherscan by clicking the appropriate transaction hash on Locke Pocket.

How do I import my Ethereum wallet into Locke Pocket?

Since Locke Pocket runs through the MetaMask client, it is possible to import your balance into Locke Pocket by downloading MetaMask and entering your private key into the “Import Account” function of MetaMask.

What should I set the “Gas Limit” and “Gas Price” to when I am making a transaction using Locke Pocket?

Since Locke Pocket runs through the MetaMask client, the generated “Gas Limit” and “Gas Price” is typically an amount that is both viable and expedient; it is recommended to leave these unchanged.

If you wish, this number can be raised to increase speed or decreased to lower cost. More detailed information regarding Ethereum Gas and current network information can be found at ETH Gas Station.

How can I transfer the balance of my Locke Pocket to another device, browser, or wallet?

Since Locke Pocket runs through the MetaMask client, you can export your wallet using MetaMask's "Export Wallet Key" link.

I have Locke in my wallet - why am I being told that I have insufficient funds to execute a transaction?

Although it is presumable that Locke will eventually have value in Ethereum and will be consumable to cover transaction costs, currently all transaction costs must be paid in Ethereum. This means that in addition to your Locke, you must also have a small amount of Ethereum to cover transaction costs.